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New! DiacomPlazmatronic in USA for Display:

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  • Adds 7 New Sensors! 
  • Reads the psycho-emotional state

New! Our latest development "DIACOM-Meditronic-Bluedroid" is the first device that has received the European medical certificate. The uniqueness of this device is that, along with techniques for biomagnetic resonance scanning, "DIACOM-Meditronic-Bluedroid" takes a comprehensive study of the human body as a whole and its individual systems with seven sensors located in different areas of the device, that records physical parameters and indications of different body reactions. Several physiological and physical parameters such as temperature, moisture level of the human body, pulse, ECG, GSR make the most comprehensive and complete study, and within minutes conducts a thorough analysis of the human body in contrast to methods individual diagnosis. So, with this equipment is possible to estimate not only the psycho-emotional state, but also the energy and physical indicators of the person as well as use in the process of calculating the data on the state of the body in the diagnosis and then select optimum treatment. Read more...