Urmium Manual, Basic Training (90 Pages + 2 Posters)

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Diacom-NLS-Urmium is the next generation software interface that takes the previous version, the Diacom-NLS-Nexus to the next level.  Developed in co-operation with a host of professionals including doctors, IT specialists and genius software engineers, the training manual demystifies features and how to use them.

This 90-page comprehensive guide is the standard, basic training manual for the Diacom-NLS-Urmium.  This newest version of the software is innovative and much more accurate than any other system currently available today.  Covering the included features Report Homeostasis, Assimilation Elimination, Targeted Stress Relief, Custom Preparations, and Stress Re-balancing in 550 body areas, as well as sub-categories such as Hormone and Biochemical Homeostasis, Homeopathy, Lithotherapy, Heavy Metals, Supplements, Food Recommendations and Kinesiology.
Although this seems to be a complicated software interface, this 90 page training manual is easy to use and easy to follow. It is broken down into shorter segments to facilitate usability.  It is written in easy to understand language and the manual will effectively explain how to use each individual, included feature, with painless simplicity.

For users who prefer to attain a higher level of mastery with the software, remote interactive training modules and on-line certification training courses specific to the Urmium software are available.  Registration for on-site training in Dallas is also available for both basic and advanced training.

Two posters are also included with the Urmium Basic Training Manual for a simple, visual "quick "reference to the included features.

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