Training & Events

Training & Events


As part of our commitment to provide superior training and customer support, DIACOM-USA has created an ever-growing, comprehensive training program for all DIACOM users. These trainings are specifically designed to provide a range of online training options that facilitate mastery of our software, familiarization with our technology, and further education about implementing the DIACOM scan within user’s clinics and practices.

The core of the DIACOM training program is the cutting-edge, online software certification, which includes interactive training modules that cover the basic URMIUM 3.x features that are built into every DIACOM software product, along with unique training courses designed specifically for the NLS, FREQ, and URMIUM software products.

You can view the video portions of these certification trainings and also login with your DIACOM username and password to complete the online certification process at the Online Training page.

In addition to the online certification program, DIACOM provides free access to all of our online software User Manuals.

DIACOM also continually releases auxiliary training videos and documentation that include detailed information about various topics such as reading DIACOM reports, Library Features, tips and tricks, and many other topics. For examples, please see our interactive online infographic Understanding DIACOM Reports, or one of our many tips and tricks videos that are continuously sent to all DIACOM users.

Always remember that in addition to our extensive online training options, DIACOM regularly offers Live Training opportunities, giving you the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience and training while interacting with the DIACOM user community.


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