Solo-FREQ (Zapper)

Solo-FREQ (Zapper)


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife found a Cancer Therapy That Worked! and his Rife plasma tube machines was suppressed for decades but they are available today. Dr. Hulda Clark invented a parasite zapper and Diacom Solo PC Zapper is the best Digital Rife & Clark Frequency Generator based on the book "The Cure for All Diseases".

The DIACOM-SOLO-FREQ-PC devices are registered and has obtained certification as a generator of low voltage of electromagnetic waves . The device has passed all tests, including electromagnetic security, environmental harmlessness and safety for people and animals.

Externally the device is a rectangular box with two LED indicators on the front panel, USB-connector and connector for connecting cables FREQ. The dimensions of the body of the equipment are 135 x 70 x 24 mm . The set of equipment include, in addition to the main unit, USB-cable and cables FREQ. The device delivers in a reusable cardboard box. Inside the main unit there are: radio-electronic circuit board with components – including scheme of communication with personal computer, as well as the scheme for generating low-voltage electromagnetic waves.

The generator is designed for exposure to microorganisms and primarily on pathogens. With this device it is possible to produce the cleaning of liquid preparations from various pathogenic microorganisms, bacterias and viruses. At the same time generated electromagnetic frequencies by device are selective and have effect on certain group of microorganisms.

To pair the device with your computer you need to download and install the driver. To perform mentioned studies software can be used, which is freely available. In particular, DIACOM-GENERATOR is a program designed and recommended to work with this device.

Technical specifications of the device:

  • Power supply - USB- port on your computer.
  • Feeding voltage - 5 V;
  • Current consumption - up to 300 mA;
  • Range of frequencies generated - 1Hz -1MHz;
  • Interface speed - up to 1 MHz;