Meditronic-Bluedroid (Virtual)

Meditronic-Bluedroid (Virtual)



New! Our latest innovation «DIACOM-MEDITRONIC-Bluedroid» is the first device that has obtained the European medical certificate. The uniqueness of this device is that, along with biomagnetic resonance scanning techniques «DIACOM-MEDITRONIC-Bluedroid» conducts a comprehensive survey of the human body as a whole, as well as its individual systems using seven sensors located in different areas of the device, which registrate the physical parameters and indicators of the different areas of the human body. Various physiological and physical parameters such as temperature, moisture level of the human body, pulse, ECG, GSR make the survey more comprehensive and complete and allow in few minutes provide a thorough analysis of the state of the human body comparing with classic single diagnostic methods. Thus with this device it is possible to estimate not only the psycho-emotional state, but also energetic and physical indicators of human being, as well as use them in the process of calculating the data of the state of the body in the diagnosis and select an optimal treatment than.

Currently, the device is undergoing clinical tests in three countries: in Czech Republic, Spain and Bulgaria, and now we are negotiating about execution of these tests in Russia as well.

Our company in modern and «up-to-date», so than we constantly improve our production line, including software products, and to ensure a convinient usage of our device «DIACOM-MEDITRONIC-Bluedroid», it was especially developed software that runs under OS Windows and Android, which undoubtedly will appreciate even the most demanding user. Communication with the computer is realized via Bluetooth connection, which is protected in addition to a standard protocol, as well with encryption that provide protection of the data against spyware.

The marks «DIACOM MEDITRONIC®™» and «Bluedroid®™» are registered trademarks.


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