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MagnaZap is a revolutionary innovative device that acts as an auxiliary device for frequency generators, which are equipped only for electro-magnetic frequency output (broadcast via radio frequency loop or “RFL”). MagnaZap devices significantly increases the usefulness of these devices by extending the possibility of contactless destruction of microorganisms (viruses, fungi, bacteria) on a frequency domain methods. MagnaZap creates around its loop coils (“antennas”), pulsed alternating magnetic field in several meters.


MagnaZap RFL for Wireless FREQ

  • For contactless and convenient FREQ Therapy
  • FREQ of microorganisms (Viruses, molds, bacteria)
  • Auxiliary equipment for frequency Diacom Utium or Solo-Freq
  • The ability to connect to almost any frequency generator
  • Light choices: Off, flickering light (several colors)
  • Optional output intensity: 5 levels

MagnaZap vs. a Plasma Generator

MagnaZap device has the same function as the plasma generator, destruction of microorganisms in your area by using a frequency, but the technology of MagnaZap has nothing to do with gas tubeS which uses a plasma generator. Electronics Plasma Generator is significantly more expensive and powerful enough for the plasma generator requires more electronics.The electromagnetic field of the coil MagnaZap is several times thicker (measured in the lab) than the magnetic field that produces the plasma generator and thus it was necessary to set the intensity levels which are now fairly fifth

The frequency range of the device MagnaZap is from 1 Hz to 999 kHz.

 The magnetic field penetrates in all directions, even where there has been a pulsed DC current reaches, for example, in the dielectric. Thanks to this wide open space for future use in many developed sectors in the food industry, in agriculture, in the case of medical certification also in low- and high-frequency magnetic therapy or in veterinary practice. It also has the potential to be an interesting tool for students with a focus on natural science fields of study.

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