FREE Poster below:
Whether one or many use the device, this handy poster can remind you of various health benefits the device gives its users. In careful photographic detail and chart format, no one will question what should be done and what the device does. All the benefits are laid out for all to see. It's basically a cheat sheet. Who doesn't need a cheat sheet on occasion? The poster demonstrates the following ideas:


• Breaks down the benefits
• Shows the bodily systems affected
• Reminds which component to use
• Clarifies how the device benefits the user
• Acts as a refresher for new or long-time users


While the poster is far from taking our online or classroom training, it acts as a friendly reminder after taking the classes. That way you always get the best benefits of using the machine. Post it on your wall near the machine or keep it rolled up and take out as needed.
Ready to get the most out of your biofeedback device?