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Diacom is Discontinued

Hello from Diacom-USA,
Diacom-NLS devices are officially discontinued in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Korea - and as of Dec 15, 2016 our company will no longer perform upgrades or installations. We will however, continue to support Diacom-NLS devices via email and monthly online support webcasts until 2019. ​Please be aware that if you should continue to purchase an old Diacom device from Europe, you do so at great risk.
Read the history and learn why Diacom is Discontinued in the USA. Diacom History Archive

Nuevo Archivo Histórico

Hola amigos de Diacom, nos gustaría anunciar nuestro nuevo Archivo Histórico, en el que conservamos la historia de Diacom USA.
Esperamos que disfrutes.​
Diacom History Archive


Diacom-USA 3D-NLS Biofeedback made in the USA


Vital signs are a great indicator of your health. Diacom-NLS is an electronic device designed for people to measure the the nonlinear vortex of the magnetic field of any biological object, wireless and in minutes.

The spectral signals are obtained from the headphones (within is a sensor called a cadistor) measures information background noise around destructed biological objects. A Trigger sensor is a device that registers information background noise from biological objects. A Trigger sensor is also contains a broadband noise generator (i.e an Oscillator diode 2G401V) which is used as noise generator. Noise generator, after it adjusts to resonance frequency of biological object, allows to get frequency-resonance characteristics of noise from a researched object in standard range of frequencies. The Received signals are sent to oscillator or computer for further frequency spectral analysis. The information is designed to be displayed, stored and read by the Veritas software application.

The first edition of the this device, is now being used by more than 1 thousand people in more than 70 countries. It is being studied for investigational use and is part of our FDA roadmap. Diacom-NLS has EU, and RU Certifications for the safety of electromagnetic measurement.

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