Diacom-Plazmatronic (PreSale) $2500 Deposit

  • Diacom-Plazmatronic (PreSale) $2500 Deposit
  • Diacom-Plazmatronic (PreSale) $2500 Deposit
  • Diacom-Plazmatronic (PreSale) $2500 Deposit
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PRE-SALE DEPOSIT - Please speak with a dealer regarding this incentive. Diacom-USA will be the first to get this world wide and expect a 6 month wait until full production is met. 

In the world of health, there is a well establish problem, “How to help to the body rid unwanted cells, viruses or bacteria without effecting the other healthy ones”? 

Following the earlier research conducted by Nikola Tesla, Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. William Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. George Lakhovsky, Diacom has developed a very simple and efficient electronic device aimed at targeting the unique characteristics of damaged tissues and cells within the body, using a device called “Diacom-Plazmatronic” a plasma generator. Aplasma generator is a very simple and efficient electronic device. With help of frequencies, it destroys pathogen organisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungous) that can be found in the human body and cause various illnesses. Plasma generator runs for several hours in a room (maximum 12 hr), and is a system devised, as a result of many years of research, to have an effect of electricity against pathogens, microorganisms, that the immune system normally maintains, while at the same time preserving the patient’s healthy condition and biological function.

Diacom-Plazmatronic helps with therapy of acute and chronic diseases, and some applications – such as the treatment of different diseases, psycho-emotional states, malfunction of intercellular connections (e.g. sclerosis multiple), and also irreplaceable help during the process of treatment different types of oncology diseases, diseases of the epidermis (skin, psoriasis) and other uses are to help regulate digestion, bladder and prostate and improves condition in acute and chronic heart conditions, increased immunity, better energy and healthy sleep. 

Although you may have heard of other plasma generators, Diacom-Plazmatronic’s stand unique for specific health needs. Diacom’s new plasma generators include 21st century materials and circuitry which features, options to change intensity and control and power of the emanating (spectrum), the ability to switch from internal to external source of impulse generation, which are sent to the plasma tube. One more feature which makes our product unique – the possibility of apply different types of tubes in just one of our Diacom-Plazmatronic. Diacom Plasma generators have our well-known proprietary management chips for remote firmware updates, as well as the premium quality and Diacom warranty our Diacom Owners have relied upon for the companies 10 years.




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