Diacom Plazmatron (TrueRife Plasma)

  • Diacom Plazmatron (TrueRife Plasma)
  • Diacom Plazmatron (TrueRife Plasma)
  • Diacom Plazmatron (TrueRife Plasma)



Diacom-PLAZMOTRONIC is a Plasma Generator that can be used for help with chronic illnesses, emotions, help with intercellular junctions (multiple sclerosis). Device is known to help with pain for oncology treatment, psoriasis, regulates digestion, bladder and prostate, troubles with heart, boosts immunity, improves energetic field, regulates sleep.
Perhaps you have heard about other plasma generators, but Diacom-PLAZMOTRONIC is unique in its software, and works with all Diacom Systems, directed to health improving.

New Diacom Plasma generators consist of advanced materials and schemes. They include possibility of choosing options, intensity, control and using different frequencies, and also possibility to change the source of the pulse generator in the tube from external to internal.
There is also one more distinction, that makes our device unique – it is the using of different tubes. Diacom-PLAZMOTRONIC are able to update their software on distance. Also, we would like to notice significance of quality and guarantee from company, which is on international market for last 10 years !

Autonomous device with sensor display and frequencies FREQ, with possibility to remember new frequencies.
The connection to the device LITE+FREQ, using software FREQ and FREQ- DAVO.
USB for downloading the updates. Connection with circuit :150 – 350 V
Power of the device : 24 V 10 A
Square : 30 sq m
Max distance : 20 m


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