To work with devices Diacom-Lite-FREQ and Diacom-SOLO-FREQ our company has developed a program for generating low-power electromagnetic pulses of the frequency up to 1 MHz and an amplitude of 3 to 12 volts. This program is also very easy to use and has only one window in which we can see 5 rows by 3 windows with further data:

  • In the first column the value of the start frequency;
  • In the second column the value of the final frequency;
  • In the third column the number in seconds of the duration of the pulse generation.

As it is seen from the program from the first to the fourth row there is the value of the initial and final frequency, which is impossible to change. They displayed test frequencies for the controlling the device operation.

Also, besides the already mentioned lines, there are 2 strips which display the duration of the pulse generating: the upper strip shows the duration time of the current pulse, and the bottom - the total time. There are 2 buttons start and close, where the button start when you start the program turns into button cancel.

Before start the program it is necessary to connect to the device special cables included in the kit, and connect it to the object, towards whom we want to generate a certain frequency. The program will select the amplitude from the value of the specified frequency nd resistance above the object, to whom the device is connected.

As it is known, the main purpose of this generator, which is the part of the above-mentioned devices - generation of low-power electromagnetic pulses that affect the status of the various objects in different degrees. As we know from physics, electromagnetic frequencies can have different effects on different environments and objects, thereby forcing the last mentioned to change their own electromagnetic state, thereby acquiring new properties that help compensate different effects. It is this property and the result of its manifestations which can be obtained using Diacom-Generator.

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