Diacom FREQ Tubes (surgical steel) only


*** Sold in USA Exclusive *** Cable not included (See Diacom-Tube Kit)

Electrodes that come with many Rife machines are made from industrial-grade copper or stainless steel tubing. FREQ Tube goes the extra mile – these electrodes are fabricated from the high quality surgical steel used in body implants. That way, the very small amount of ionic transfer through the skin that occurs with all electrodes is quite harmless and safe.

The Diacom-FREQ Tube comes with two electrodes. Simply insert the clips on the BNC-to-alligator clips cable that came with your Diacom into the socketed end-cap, plug in, and you’re ready to roll.

Please note that Diacom-FREQ Tube is more effective when used with the Y-Boost cable because of its much higher power output. The Diacom-NLS really requires caution with – it may be damaged if the tubes touch each other for an extended period of time while it’s running.

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