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Diacom USA was founded in Los Angeles, California

Diacom USA, since before 2005 has been developing Computer software and hardware for the use in measuring the frequency of energy emitted by the human body; Our first device written by Ulysses Angulo, President of Diacom USA and is still available today with an upgraded hardware a brand new name: Biostar-VOX - this low cost device has helped many hundreds of people around the world. 


New Campaign To Tackle Criminal Scams Launched

In 2014 we ventured out and contracted a company in Europe to supply us with Biofeedback devices to our specifications. From that time we have sold many of our devices and produced many famous videos like "Experience a Diacom Scan", "Classroom: NLS Technology" and "Join the Diacom-USA Team". Unfortunately this outsourcing had a major drawback: dishonesty, and not just the major reason, many of our intellectual property was stolen and counterfeited including our unique training, and so in 2016 we decided to stop overseas development and start with an all new Technology built "in-house" the we started from the ground up​. Today we produce in the USA the new technology suite, we call it NLS Technology

Diacom USA Trademark - since 2005


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  • No After Sale Support
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