2018 Mentoring (Package)


Package Includes:


  • (10) x 1 Hour Client Assessments via Zoom or Telegram
  • VIP Priority Support via Zoom or Telegram
  • Full Access to New and Revised content on Biostar Academy Portal
  • VIP Discounts


Mentoring aspects:

Ulysses Sheretov, is the world wide expert on reading and interpreting NLS scans. Through his mentoring approach, medical professionals all over the world seek this additional 1:1 training - exclusively to all Biostar-NLS owners in good standing.

Anyone who has purchased any kind of NLS-device or biofeedback knows, that having the proper training is critical to your investment. Most devices sold today lack the support and proper training, in-fact most people who use the NLS Technology device does not know how to properly give an analysis, or know what is the best therapy for each person they scan. Diacom-USA has pioneered the education system of all NLS devices - and we guarantee, that if you did not receive our training, you do not know how to use your device.  The reason for this common problem is that most devices are sold by non-technical and non-health professionals, meaning they are only teaching you one point of view. Training depends on qualified persons to answer all of your questions. We train licensed medical professionals as well as home-users the same. 

DIACOM-USA is the Worldwide Best Training Since 2014







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